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The last job - start at the beginning

My name is Andrew Stein. My career as a contractor began as my dad’s helper. He was a businessman who yearned to be a builder. He took every opportunity to build. He built cabinets, closets, a bridge, and many other things. I held the “dumb” end of the tape measure. I held boards while he fastened. I cleaned up. As I got a bit older I began to understand more about carpentry and that is when my hunger for knowledge began. I wanted to know how things worked. I wanted to master trades and build epic projects..

Fifty two years later I recently began my last project. The project is a beautifully designed Master Suite. (by Naomi Stein ) The design required extensive structural alterations, new skylights, a marble master bathroom and a well appointed closet. While I can’t characterize this project as epic, it most certainly will improve the lives of my clients and it will also give me one more chance to shoot for perfection.

I have learned that to be a good contractor you must possess many skills. Physical strength and technical ability, communication skills, short and long range planning, problem solving, patience, and persistence are all important components. Additionally, a good eye and a sense of design and proportion help. Most importantly one must give a damn.

Early in my career I worked from several different contractors. In 1974 I went into business for myself and have completed thousands of projects in these 42 years. I learned something new on every project and am now convinced that the learning never stops. I am grateful to have been able to apply the knowledge I gained throughout my career to each successive project.

My goal is to complete this project in an efficient and excellent manner. My clients are wonderful people for whom I have done several other projects. The first one was thirty years ago. I plan to document the project and write about it in the coming weeks.

Here is what we started with:

A small segmented bath and closet were dark and did not function well. We needed to make some drastic changes.

And here is a sneak peak at the demo stage.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the construction, in my next post I will talk about the design and engineering process that we went through to get from the concept to the reality of the build.

I hope you will enjoy these comments on “the last job”.

Andrew Stein Construction Expert, LLC

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