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  • Residential Remodeling Construction Expert

  • Forty seven years of Experience

  • Award Winning Contractor

  • Past President NKBA Mid Atlantic

  • Master Planner and Estimator

  • Master Carpenter

  • Master Tile Setter

  • Renowned Problem Solver

  • Owner's Representative

  • Pre-sign Contract Review

  • Contractor Coach and Mentor

  • Educator / Demonstration of Techniques

Andrew Stein began his career learning hands-on from the finest builders on the Main Line.  In 1973 he began contracting on his own and in 1986 formed Design Manifest Inc., going on to complete thousands of projects from for families on the Main Line and surrounding suburbs. Andrew retired from active contracting in 2017 after 47 years in the industry.  He is now offering his experience, wisdom and integrity to homeowners, realtors and residential contractors.


Licensed in Lower Merion for over 40 years, Andrew’s professional record reflects his impeccable reputation.  Design Manifest Inc. was a sought-after contractor who completed multiple multi- million dollars projects as well as many other jobs of every size. Loved by his clients for his kindness, honesty, skills, creativity, and follow-through, he consistently returned every call, completed every project on a timely basis, and was always accountable around his agreements.  Clients often became repeat clients and even ‘clients for life’, seeking him out decades after their first project with Design Manifest.


Andrew is a past Treasurer and President of the National Kitchen and Bath Association – Mid Atlantic, as well as being a NKBA Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer. He has continued to study construction methods, scheduling and management practices, estimating and risk mitigation methods.


Andrew acts as owner’s agent, representing the homeowner.  The best time to contact him is early in the process, before a contract is signed.    He can help expedite the project, discuss options and suggest questions and clarifications that should be made.

Call him today for dependable advice

My last company was Design Manifest, Inc.  My very talented daughter Naomi Stein has taken over that business.  Check out her website at:

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I have been a premier general contractor for the past 40 years.  I specialized in high end residential remodeling and have completed multi million dollar mansion renovations as well as hundreds of kitchens, baths, additions and structural alterations.

Most of my work was done in the fine homes of the Main Line suburbs.

I retired in 2017.  Now I am a pursuing many interests.  I feel very gratified when I am able to help another human being.  My extensive knowledge and expertise allows me to greatly benefit my clients.  I am helping homeowners, contractors, realtors, and others to make informed decisions and to avoid misunderstandings  in the construction process.

vert pool house floor detail.png
rabii railing detail.png
bowen -andrew on roof.png

I was a hands on contractor.  Here I am tethered to the top of a round cone that we built in the 80's.

bowen demo.png
bowen floor framing.png
bowen tarped.png
bowen roof framing.png

We did everything from demolition to framing to the finish work.

We often did major renovatons in  homes with the owners still in residence.  A good tarp was essential to protect the property.

5 maple kids on backhoe.png
5 maple framed.png
vert pool house b&w.png
vert pool house framing.png
laz. gate.png

The young helper on the right - Naomi Stein eventually took over the company!

Additions, alterations, kitchens, baths, structural repairs.  We did it all.  One thing I learned is the importance of good planning.

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